IBS can begin at any stage in your life. There are a number of factors that contribute to IBS such as:

  • Food and chemical intake
  • Medications
  • Bacteria
  • Imbalanced gut flora
  • Environment
  • *The brain and mind – stress, anxiety, depression, thoughts, emotions and beliefs

*The effect of the brain and mind on the gastrointestinal tract is the focus and specialty of the IBS Recovery Program.

The IBS Recovery Program settles the nerves and lining of the stomach and bowel in addition to the entire central nervous system. When your digestive system is free from tensions, stress and emotion, it is in the most favourable condition to digest food.

If your gut is already in a state of “stress”, it is likely that some foods will not be met by your stomach and bowel with the best results. You know yourself how you feel after eating. This is the digestive tracts’ way of saying “I am doing the best I can with the tensions already down here, adding food into the equation is pushing me too far”.

If you have consulted with a dietitian with limited results, you have completed a very important step, but rest assured you are not at the end of the road. It simply means the remaining piece of the puzzle is the effect your brain is having on your gut.