I have discovered that almost everyone has the desire to be in a better position than they currently are yet most people are unaware how to get there.

Whatever the reason, we are all striving to improve or get more of something.

Every person is unique however there are common barriers, feelings, thoughts and beliefs that overlap in some way. It is because of these that I have chosen to write a weekly blog, to make available the insights and learning’s from my clinic so that you too may benefit.

The role of a therapist is not a light one. It is a responsibility to celebrate each client’s uniqueness, draw out their best attributes and help them overcome barriers that stand in the way of these. In doing so, the therapist builds trust with the client who in turn offers a precious gift into their mind and heart. I am warmed each day to share in this; to hold the space for the client without judgment and with an openness and willingness to walk beside them on their journey, wherever that may be.

Just like any great walk, the paths can wind off to various destinations.

Each pathway has it’s own offering for both the client and therapist. The therapists’ work continues outside the session, in reflecting on the outcomes, both helpful and unhelpful. It is when these reflections are applied to benefit the client that further insight and learning is available to the therapist, again opening up greater opportunity for the client.

A good therapeutic relationship involves participation of the therapist to be present, engaged and aware of his or her own feelings, thoughts and belief systems. If I go into a session without these in mind, I run the risk of not understanding the difference between the client and myself. To support this, I encourage the client to voice their needs during each session, rather than what I may want for them; my role is to ask the right questions to enable the client to decipher their own objective.

The intention in writing these blogs is in an effort to expand your world. Whether I write about how to feel more balanced and centred, conquering your fears, eliminating stress from your life, overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), inducing relaxation or even share an anonymous case study, this blog is for your benefit. It is through sharing that connection begins and growth takes place.

I invite you to comment and share your thoughts with me – maybe your greatest barrier, your most strongly felt emotion or an overwhelming fear…or even how you overcame a belief that once held you back. Listening to you with my heart is not reserved for my clinic room.

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