Permanently Dissolve Ineffective Eating Patterns

How would your life change if you were to…

• Not have your thoughts centred on food and weight?
• Not struggle with feelings of hunger?
• Have no need to emotionally eat?
• Enjoy healthy food choices?
• Be your desired weight?

Our eating patterns are subconscious and therefore deeply ingrained within us.
We each have very unique styles and reasoning for our relationship with food.

Whether you just want to change your eating patterns, or lose 5 or 100 kilos, the Weight Off Your Mind program ensures you’re not struggling upstream without a paddle anymore!

You would if you could…I know you’re already making every effort consciously to change your eating patterns, either on your own or with a trusted Doctor or Dietitian.
Are you worn down from trying over and over?
Because your eating patterns are subconscious, when you attend to those underlying reasons through hypnotherapy, your struggle ends and you no longer need to rely on endless persistence and motivation to change your patterns.

Free up your mind and permanently change your relationship with food to one that serves you.

The Weight Off Your Mind program is tailored over 5 sessions to dissolve the subconscious eating patterns that are proving ineffective for you.

Mind Matters has been working along side Dietitians for a number of years to address food related barriers. With dietary management and medical advice looking after your weight loss goals, the Weight Off Your Mind program delivers the missing link. Attend to the core psychological reason for your patterns and behaviours to fully accomplish your goal once and for all.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t attempt.

The Program
– 5 x Clinical Hypnotherapy consultations
– 90 minutes per consultation
– Complete the program over 5 or 10 weeks
Value For Money
– $140 per consultation or,
– $600 upfront payment for the full program (saving $100)

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