Thoughts to Symptoms

The Thought and Symptom Connection

There is a clear and distinct relationship between your IBS symptoms and what you think about. I’ve never met a client who when they first arrived, was completely at one with their symptoms and not bothered about them. What tends to happen is this;

1. Thoughts

“Here comes that pain/nausea/diarrhea/bloating again…”

“I can’t do another day of this…”

“Why is this happening to me?…”

“I don’t know what to eat anymore…”

2. Body Response

The body senses distress, aversion, resistance, upset, anger, and tenses against it.

3. Brain Response

This kicks the emotions into high gear. You feel more distressed and react with more thoughts.

The cycle then begins again back to 1. Thoughts >>>>

Getting off this roundabout is a necessary and crucial step in overcoming symptoms of IBS…and other physical ailments.

The first step is to know this is happening. When you can catch yourself in this moment, you are now in the position to change the way you respond and this is what we practice each week. By the end of the IBS Recovery Program, clients are so skilled at this that it’s beginning to happen automatically and without effort.

We didn’t learn this at school. There was no classroom lesson on how to interrupt the thought and symptom cycle, but you have a special tool bag, which you can fill up with skills and techniques to overcome IBS. Just be sure the tools you fill it up with are gentle, kind, and compassionate and fulfill you right now and in the future.

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