“I just want to say a BIG thank you for our session yesterday. You bought some clarity around a situation for me that now will hopefully shift some energy. Who knows – but I felt light and amazing after the session and still do today – so thanks again for your valuable time”. ~ Louise Eddy, In Motion Lifestyle Centre

"After a traumatic stroke at the age of 30, I approached Michelle to undertake a series of hypnotherapy sessions to compliment my ongoing psychology rehabilitation. I found that although my psychology sessions assisted in rationally discussing my emotions and building a coping framework to address these, the emotions were always still there. The main emotions were fear of it (the stroke) happening again and death, but also a constant intangible anxiety. I found myself desperately counting down the days until my next visit so I could think rationally. Hypnotherapy worked for me because in addition to the rational framework of my psychology sessions, I was dealing with the true subconscious emotions I wasn't able to face consciously. Michelle not only guided me through these emotions with professionalism, but also with respect and care. It is very obvious that she is extremely passionate about helping her clients achieve wellness in whatever form that comes. For me it was leaving each session feeling extremely relaxed and clear. Through Michelle's hypnotherapy sessions, the 'white noise' disappeared and so I wasn't desperately waiting to feel rational in my weekly psychology sessions. I just felt rational and relaxed again every day". ~ Erin Benjamin

“I have suffered close to three decades with several significant digestive, stomach, and bowel problems and have been treated with a number of different approaches and medications (both traditional and alternative). Following Michelle's hypnotherapy program for IBS I have begun to feel phenomenally better. From my experience, her approach is gentle, professional and highly intuitive, and it is clear she is an expert in this area. I always knew about the head/gut connection but never related it to my own problems. Michelle helped me to understand this on a very personal level and this has had a great impact on the physiological and psychological symptoms I have carried each day since early childhood. The value of her strategies is enduring and they are easily applied regardless of where you find yourself and at what time. In fact, many times, with her approach, I have managed to bring to a complete stop the agony of bowel pain and caustic acidity, both of which were so frequently created by my thoughts and feelings. However, in my case, there is no denying that her program was accompanied by diligent food choices and the care of a competent naturopath. I would recommend Michelle to all those who need to better manage their thoughts, especially with regard to their impact on the digestive system. I apply what she has taught me each day and my symptoms no longer overwhelm me with fear. The value of Michelle's work has been significant in transforming an important part of my life”. ~ Vanessa Casarotto

“Hypnotherapy is one of the best programs I will recommend for people suffering from IBS. I found it opened the door to gaining a greater understanding into why my body was reacting the way it was and as a result, not only did it give me a sense of hope as to what the future is really going to be like (without IBS), but the most greatest gift was that complete inner peace that I never thought was possible. It is truly an amazing program…I love the fact that it takes on a real journey and you will be amazed at the things you discover on that incredible journey… Definitely recommended!” ~ Diana Asomaning