Sweet Fragrance of Spring

Nothing says new life like the sweet fragrance of spring. Fresh cut grass, perfumed flowers delivering their abundance of colour, the gentle influx of birds and insects working their magic. I love how the sunshine and clear skies draws people outside their homes, from the darkness to the light. Bicycles and walking become a form of transport, while parks and footpaths overflow with the anticipation of renewed health.

It’s no secret that spring is my favourite time of year. I was born in spring, in suburban Canberra where we all enjoyed backyards. That’s a luxury I give up now living close to the city in Sydney, but the memories of lawn and gardens and backyards are stored close at hand, especially now.

I recently chuckled at the Australian movie classic The Castle. It reminded me so much of my own childhood. A family home, a yard, rissoles, mashed potato and peas, and of course waking up most Saturday spring mornings to the sound of lawnmowers. Dale Kerrigan says “If there’s anything Dad loved more than the serenity, it was a two stroke engine on full throttle!”.  How’s the serenity.

SlipnslideRemember the backyard cricket, the slip n slides, playing under the sprinkler on the lawn for hours? Every year in the warmer months we packed the car and trailer to go camping. Early mornings, sounds of the ocean nearby, shorts, thongs, fishing, swimming, and huge slices of watermelon we ate while bent over the lawn for the juice and seeds to fall. These are my memories of spring. When I close my eyes and think of those times, I’m there in an instant with all the sounds, smells, tastes, sights and happy feelings I felt some 25 years ago. I’m so grateful to my body and mind for storing these memories. It makes me wonder, what does spring mean to you?

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