How wonderful we are as humans that we can constantly adapt and change, grow and learn. Whether you have already established the direction you want to go in or you just feel that you are not who you want to be, making the change is easy. Our emotions can at times feel overwhelming as though they are calling the shots. An emotion doesn’t exist though without a thought. Thoughts create emotion. Emotion is the physical feeling of a thought.

Right before you began reading this website, try to remember what were you thinking about? Notice what you were focused on, a situation, a person, yourself? Ask yourself this. Is what you were thinking about, something you would want to create in your future? Would you feel really good about having this show up in your life?

Every thought you think creates your future.

It may be that you either don’t know what you were thinking about or your mind ran away with so many thoughts that you could not keep up. Society now has multi tasking in epidemic proportions. Remember being so completely engrossed in a great movie or book that you forgot about everything else? This is mindfulness: paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. Hypnotherapy allows the space to be aware of our bodies and minds. It is through awareness that we can facilitate change.

Often we “do” a behaviour really well. Some are helpful and some are not so helpful. There is no need to own the behaviour as if you cannot be separated from it. It was once learnt and can now be unlearnt. Mind Matters Hypnotherapy welcomes all types of behaviours into the clinic. Weeding out the underlying cause and planting better ones is entirely possible.