How energizing does a great belly laugh feel? I’m so fortunate to have them often because fun and play are a huge part of my marriage, even when the going gets tough. At 37 years old, we still play “tickle time”, and it gets me every single time! Belly LaughSometimes it’s even an icebreaker after a disagreement. I’m constantly amazed at just how good laughter is at releasing tension and when our bodies are free of tension, we’re relaxed and good health and healing takes place.

I was recently with my 85 year old Nan who is experiencing her fair share of ailments. We watched the movie Just Go With It with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and while the movie cracks me up, I felt even more pleasure hearing my Nan laugh. She really laughed, with her whole body and mind and I was certain that in those moments, she forgot about the world and felt good.

Kids play and have fun all the time, that’s their only objective. At what point in our lives did we stop playing? Now, get togethers and parties involve alcohol and it seems if you want to increase the fun, you need to increase the alcohol. I myself don’t drink. I never have. But my friends certainly make up for it! It’s no secret that people use alcohol to have more fun, to really let their hair down and be free of their inhibitions. I’m often asked how on earth I can make it through a whole party sober.

The thing is, I’ve never been a drinker but my friends always have. How I do make my way through parties is by also letting my hair down. I just don’t need alcohol to do it. And plus, if everyone around me has over consumed, no one will notice my shenanigans…and I wake up in one piece the next day.  It’s a win win!

So it seems true that even adults want to have fun, to play and forget about the world for a while. Who doesn’t want that right? It leaves me curious to know, how do you play and have fun and who are the people you have fun with?

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One Response to Playing

  1. Dianne Leste says:

    I love to laugh and I think when I got sick that was one thing I forgot to do.
    I don’t drink either and don’t see the point. I can be silly anytime and don’t care whether people think I’m drunk or not, I know I’m not and no furry tongue the next day! Thank goodness.

    I have fun with my nephew Aidan, he has the most infectious giggle, but they do at 2yrs old.
    I also have fun with my man and my family and friends. The subjects at time are way naughty but they are the ones that make you laugh hardest! Well they do for me anyway!

    Dancing is a big part of my fun, I love to dance. I grab my cats and dance with them. They love it and it’s so funny when I grab Sista, she screams and that cracks me up. The poor cat probs thinks her mum is going to launch her but I don’t, we just dance and she then snuggles in and enjoys it. Willow and Peaches love it when I dance with them. It also calms me down and relaxes me. I really love my cats!

    Glad you and your nan had a good time. My nan is gone but she’s with me always.

    over and out, Diseyxxx

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