With chronic IBS for over a decade, and an acute bout for 9 months which resulted in a loss of 14 kilograms in the last 2 months, a hospital visit, gastroenterologist, medical and dietary interventions, I was sicker than ever.  No-one could give me a diagnosis, nor any relief. Feeling exasperated and giving up hope, Diet Solutions (VIC) suggested I see a hypnotherapist. Odd I thought, but willing to give anything a try, off I went.

In the very first session I found relief. My symptoms eased, as I felt more relaxed than I had in atleast 20 years. It was remarkable that through the power of my mind, I could reduce my symptoms. My poor body was in such a heightened state of stress and anxiety from chronic illness that I no longer knew what relaxation was, until that first hypnotherapy session.

I couldn’t not offer this to others, and so began my study in Clinical Hypnotherapy and subsequently, my development of the IBS Recovery Program.

I am warmed and delighted day after day to see clients overcome their unique barriers.
~ Michelle White