No Wagon to Fall Off

How often have you started a new diet, only to revert to your old ways, feel bad about yourself and binge on all the things you recently cut out?

I hear this time and again, and believe me, I’ve given it a good go myself. I know the guilt and f#*k it attitude that can fill your shopping basket with half the confectionary, biscuit and chip aisle to, in one foul swoop, pork on the kilos you’d spent the last few weeks power walking off. Oh honey, we’ve all been there.

IMG_1163What if I told you there is another way that will completely shut down this rollercoaster? An option that will take all the pressure off, while you graciously stride your way to health, wellness and those skinny jeans? It’s time to be gentle on yourself. Time to give yourself a break and permission to dangle your leg off the wagon.
The term “falling off the wagon” originally referred to a person resuming drinking after a period of sobriety, and there’s a whole lot of guilt and shame that goes with it.

But I don’t want you feeling any of those things and this is why I’m writing to you.
What I mean by dangling your leg off the wagon is allowing yourself to be human. It’s not a fall; it’s a deliberate and carefree dangle. It’s OK to revert to foods or an eating style that has been such a big part of your life for so long. The problem happens when we don’t allow this of ourselves. When we tighten the reins so much, we are rigid and ready to snap at any moment.



So give this a try from now on when you’re changing your dietary regime.

  1. KNOW that you will not get it perfect the first time.
  2. KNOW that it’s OK to revert back to your old ways, and you WILL, maybe even a couple of times. What’s the rush?
  3. When you do, be GENTLE. Remember you’re human, take the pressure off and give yourself loads of COMPASSION. As humans we THRIVE with encouragement and support, so crank it up baby!
  4. Enjoy seeing the dialect between the new and the old. Without the dark we do not know light. Drifting back to your old ways is great MOTIVATION by experiencing just how crap your body feels after such goodness!
  5. With less drama, you’ll find it comes naturally to be relaxed and carefree with your food, which is the perfect state for wellness.
  6. Don’t restrict. Allow. Even if it’s only 10%, enjoy those foods on occasion. And when you do, it will be guilt free and that feels better than skinny does any day.

Go gently xx

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