The Master Your Mind program is a set of proven techniques guaranteed to overcome unhelpful thinking, habits and behaviours so your mind is free to be living the life you really want. Every thought you think creates your future. What would your life look like if you mastered your mind?

Master Your Mind is an 8-week online program consisting of 7 audio podcasts and one 90-minute hypnotherapy session in the final week. The program is designed to fit into your life, rather than you fitting around it. It’s super easy and highly effective because you gradually dissolve your unique barriers week by week which is the key to permanent change. Practice makes permanent, not perfect.

Here’s what’s covered over the 8 weeks:

  • Week 1 – Spring Clean the Mind
  • Week 2 – Eliminate Intrusive Thoughts
  • Week 3 – Don’t Believe Everything You Think
  • Week 4 – Shut Down Self-Sabotage
  • Week 5 – Distract and Subtract
  • Week 6 – Mindfulness
  • Week 7 – Your Most Powerful Tool
  • Week 8 – 90 minute hypnotherapy session*

*Completed in clinic or via Skype

I’ve never met a person without a barrier and that includes me. I wonder what yours might be? Overwhelming emotion, belief systems, thoughts, your past, your current situation, money, relationships, work, lifestyle, responsibilities, family, mental illness, physical health, weight, study…

How much do you want peace of mind?

The 8 weeks is offered at $280 (when you break that down, it’s just $35 a week!)