Hypnotherapy via Skype

Hypnotherapists are very familiar with curious eyebrows and questions’ regarding the perceived magic of hypnotherapy, and now added to this is the other raised eyebrow about how hypnotherapy works via Skype.

It’s so simple you would hardly believe it. When a client is in hypnosis their eyes are closed. They are relying on their hearing, so it makes little difference whether the hypnotherapist is beside them or not. Computer speakers or headphones allow the hypnotherapists voice to be as close as it would be in person.Guided Imagery In fact, headphones are even closer.

Personally, when I consult via Skype I ask clients to set the computer up to enable me to see them from the waist up. This is for a few critical reasons. Just like when a client is in the clinic, I take notice of their body language, mannerisms, hand movements and also breathing. This is also achieved via Skype. During hypnosis, my attention is not only on the words clients say, but also on their breathing, tension or relaxation in the body, facial expressions and eye movements behind their eyelids. Again, this is all observed through the screen via Skype.

Hypnotherapists are trained differently according to which college they attend. Some do not encourage physical contact, while my training did. Your sense of touch is one of your five senses and for clients who are highly kinesthetic, respectful touch on the shoulder, hand wrist or forehead is helpful as a key tool in deepening the relaxation. However, there are many other techniques to deepen relaxation down into a hypnotic state and I rely on these with clients who are not kinesthetic and in sessions via Skype. An experienced hypnotherapist is equipped with a large tool bag to suit any given situation. Skype is just one of those. My preference is for clients to attend the clinic. There is just nothing like good old-fashioned human interaction and connection, but to ensure interstate or overseas clients are not disadvantaged, Skype is really quite a simple alternative. Shall we call it Skypenotherapy or Hypnoskype?

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