Do You Give Yourself Permission to Relax?

It’s 2013 and thank goodness for holidays. I took a few weeks away from work to dawdle and smell the roses and it changed my life.

Often at work I talk with clients about this crisis society is having – an inability to stop.  To just stop and be. When was the last time you tried this? I’m not talking about the forced stop of exhaustion on the lounge. I mean making an active decision to stop, without your phone, ipad, computer, alcohol (or other substances). We have worked ourselves into a state of overdrive so much so that when we stop, we can’t cope. It feels weird. It’s uncomfortable.

This year feels different to me. It looks different and smells different. My body holds no tension, my mind feels clear and free and without all the physical and mental clutter, I am relaxed. Relax

I came across this picture and wanted to share it with you because it resonates with how I feel, deep within me. In this relaxation I’ve found, there is a freedom and peacefulness in letting things be.

We can get so caught up in controlling big and small things, to be sure they happen just how we plan them because the fallout might otherwise be devastating. So we control more and more out of fear and vulnerability, and the more we control, the more vulnerable and afraid we become. All freedom has been lost.

The happiest people are those with the most flexible attitudes. I see examples of this all around me in friends and family. In contrast, I see the tight reins, the rigidity, the stress and tension. I see the illnesses, both mental and physical. I also see and hear the histories, the stories, the pain, the fear, the vulnerability, the shame, the heartache and sadness. Everyone carries unique experiences within them and it is the painful ones that build a great deal of our character and behaviour. People aren’t stressed and unhappy and depressed because they want to be. They find ways to cope and function that are not always the most effective. If they knew a different way to be in the world, they would. Most people seeking therapy are looking for a new and better way and I think that’s so wonderful. How insightful and courageous it is to say “this is not working, there must be a better way”.

Whether you’re reading a personal development book, taking a course or seeing a therapist, enjoy the ride and remember to take a break. Give yourself permission to be you. Every day I say affirmations and every day I am astounded at just how much they impact my life. Here’s a few. I encourage you to use them for yourself if they feel right for you:

I love and accept myself as I am on every level.

The past is over and done.

It is empowering to forgive and let go.

I embrace change.

I relax and let life flow through me.

I am so grateful for Louise Hay and her work with affirmations. At 86 years of age she never goes a day without affirming such positivity and love in her life.

There’s no need to try so hard. Give yourself permission to relax and trust what comes.

Lots of warm wishes xx

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