If you reach the underlying cause of any barrier, you can overcome it.

Take a garden for example. If it hasn’t been tended to for a while, there will no doubt be weeds. If you grab the weed from the top and tug it when the soil is firm and dry, the weed snaps leaving the roots in the ground. Within a few days or so the weed begins to grow again. It is not until you inspect and understand the soil that you can take the time and care to encourage the weed out from the very root. Only then will it not grow back.

Ripping the weed out sharply from the surface and leaving the root is a band-aid solution. You would need to repeat this process over and over whenever the weed returns, as the root is firmly and securely in the ground. Weeds are plants that we decide are not beneficial. Wouldn’t it be more pleasing to grow a beautiful flower or tree in its place? Neuroplasticity can be viewed like a garden. The weeds are the old patterns of nerve cell firing which create your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. These behaviours have been formed over years and decades and like weeds, are strong and persistent. By addressing and removing the underlying causes, you now have the space to plant a new flower or tree in its place.

Hypnotherapy provides an ideal environment to plant your new trees and nurture and care for them to grow stronger and more robust than any future weeds could ever become. Norman Doidge, author of The Brain That Changes Itself states “changing these neural pathways is highly effective during hypnosis as the pathways are more accessible in this altered state”.

There is no limit to the barriers you can address and change. People come to Mind Matters Hypnotherapy for varied reasons. A willingness to overcome your barriers is the only requirement – any matter than hinders your journey is simply waiting for you to meet it.