Our external environment has the second most direct relationship on us. The first is our internal world.  It is how we perceive, relate to and cope with our external environment that determines our internal one.

Commonly people point the finger at the external world, laying blame and curbing personal responsibility. Sure, it might feel easy initially to complain about our partners, families, financial strains and employers as the cause of all your problems. You could toss them all aside and find new ones, new jobs, new partners, better families but isn’t it true that these annoyances would show up again anyway? That’s because they are within you. Your perception of the world and how you relate to it determines your current circumstances. No one other than you is responsible for this.

If you can create your internal world to be calm and steady then no matter what is happening around you, your centre of gravity doesn’t shift. If you are swinging to the other end of the pendulum each time a stressful event happens it is no doubt exhausting and disruptive. Maintaining a sense of balance is possible.

There are numerous techniques to foster this process from meditation, exercise, self-reflection and hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can weed out the beliefs that are blocking you from maintaining a centre of gravity to set you up to succeed in the process. There is no magic wand, but there are techniques to ensure the process is more efficient and effective.