My undivided attention has recently been devoted to the series Breaking Bad. For anyone who has seen it, I’m sure you’re nodding your head. I haven’t come across one person yet who didn’t love it!

With the main character’s background in Chemistry, he explained the elements in a manner that struck a chord with me.

Breaking Bad

Every element listed on the periodic table is found in the earth. A common fact. But what I had not comprehended before he shared this with his classroom, is that every element in that periodic table is also found in human beings, in us. We are made from the very same elements the earth is.

I ask a client to tell me about the most relaxing place they could imagine themselves in, no-one has ever answered a bedroom, a hotel or a shopping centre. Every single place is in nature: a beach, an island, a garden, a rainforest, mountains, fields, lakes, rivers or the ocean. When we are in nature, we are amongst the very elements we are made from. Our bodies feel at home there, they resonate with the natural environment around us. Our heart rate decreases, our blood pressure reduces, stress hormones switch off, the channels begin to flow again and we feel an increased sense of mental and physical health. It’s no wonder. We are designed to connect and this is the simplest and most available method that connects the very core of our being with itself. Try it.

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