Michelle White sees clients from 21 years of age for in person appointments in her Sydney clinic, and via Skype for interstate and international clients.

Michelle is only available to see clients who experience gut disorders. 

On occasion, Michelle will see clients with unusual or persistent medical conditions that are psychosomatic in nature. Please contact Michelle who will assess the criteria and suitability of these conditions prior to a consultation booking.



Phone 0407 590 599

Email: hi (at) happyinside (dot) com (dot) au


709A Darling Street, Rozelle NSW 2039 (Above Egg of the Universe. Please enter through the gate beside the laundromat and head upstairs)

Skype consultations are available for interstate and international clients. Read more about hypnotherapy via Skype in this article.



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One of the deciding factors for clients, especially when embarking on a new style of treatment is the fee. I understand this because I myself make this consideration when seeking out services.

Practitioners have different allocated times for their consultations.

For example, a standard GP consult is 15 minutes, whereas a Psychologist is 50-60 minutes.

Mind Matters structures the sessions over a 75-minute consultation. If you have worked with Mind Matters before, you will know for yourself just how much we cover in each session and how quickly these 75 minutes pass. Hypnotherapy sessions generally begin with some discussion similar to a counselling session to establish the goal of the session. We then progress into the hypnotherapy with time allocated at the end to reflect on and discuss the outcomes.

Below I have provided a comparison for you by calculating the scheduled fee for a GP and a Psychologist should their sessions also run for 75 minutes.

*Please be advised that the consultation fee will increase in January 2017 to $150 for a standard consultation and $650 for a 5 session package.

Practitioner Session Time Scheduled Fee 75-Minute Session
Mind Matters 75 mins $150 $150
GP/Doctor 15 mins $70 $350
Psychologist 60 mins $240  



A discount is available for clients who wish to make an upfront payment on a 5-session package or program such as the IBS Recovery Program.

Payment Option Fee Cost over 5 sessions Saving
Individual Session $150 $750 $0
5 Session Package $650 $750 $100