Christmas Ritual

This time of the year is so personal. The Christmas holiday season is not my favourite time of the year. In fact, it’s my least favourite. Controversial I know! I participate in Christmas now though because I attempted not to once, and this is what happened…

About 3 or 4 Christmases ago we decided not to subscribe to the big Christmas day. Our family visited other family and the two of us woke up on Christmas morning, gave each other gifts and then with no other plans or people to see, felt extremely lonely. The loneliness cranked up about 10 notches when we later took a leisurely stroll through the suburb, only to find families overflowing on to front lawns, cricket in the driveways and riding of new bikes in the streets. It was the buzz of Christmas we had opted out of and we realised in that moment we would much rather it.

These past few weeks when I have asked friends, clients and colleagues about their upcoming plans for Christmas, I noticed a theme of tradition and ritual. Everyone has one of some sort or another. There are such great stories about the menu, the games and entertainment during the day and the afternoon food coma. It got me thinking about the little things we have kept as tradition or ritual in our home.

Ham. There has to be Christmas ham and this is non negotiable. And there needs to be leftovers for sandwiches on Boxing Day. With pickles.

Custard. I love custard! Christmas Day is the only day of the year I eat it so bring it on!

Chocolate. No fancy Haighs or Lindt. There is only one chocolate for Christmas Day and that’s Nestle scorched almonds in the red box. It’s the perfect chocolate to almond ratio; one third almond to two thirds chocolate! Only 8 more sleeps!Scorched Almonds

What’s your tradition or ritual at this time of year? If you’re having trouble recognizing them, imagine Christmas Day was cancelled. What do you miss?

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