Michelle White brings you 7 years of clinical experience in gut-focused therapy through Happy Inside; the podcast, IBS Recovery Program and iPhone app. Specializing in the behavioral and psychological aspects of IBS, and other gut disorders, it’s every conversation you’ve wanted to have about your gut symptoms but couldn’t; everything that no one else is talking to you about is here.

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002 | Causes

Stress. It’s just one of the causes of gut symptoms. It can be the original cause, or stress can overtake and become the main reason symptoms are persisting. Either way, your body is giving you a clear message there is … Continue reading

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001 | Hello

If you’re one of many people experiencing symptoms of IBS and other gut disorders, then you’re in the right place. You know the stress, anxiety, worry and way that your symptoms have changed your life…that’s what we talk about here. … Continue reading

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