Bracing For It

There’s no doubt when diarrhea takes a hold that our natural reaction is to brace ourselves by tightening the muscles in our abdomen to prevent any further (or sudden) movements in our bowel. It’s a protective stance to give us more time to make it to the bathroom, or fend off the evil gripe again.

Completely understandable and legitimate right?

Absolutely. The only problem with this ingrained response is that it causes more tension and spasms, which kicks off the movement of the bowel even more. So before you know it, you’re experiencing the very thing you have attempted to fend off.

This concept is the same for any sensation in the body and can even relate to our thoughts. When we brace around pain, tension, thoughts and emotions we are containing them so they have no choice but to stay put. The path to overcome this is simple. Let go…of your muscles, your jaw, your shoulders, your pain, your body, your sickness, your family patterning, your thoughts, your beliefs, your anger, your resentment, and your stories.


Because it’s not the letting go that hurts…it’s the holding on.

Letting Go

3 simple steps to let go in just 1 minute

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Take some long, slow breaths
  3. Scan the body and release areas of obvious tension
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