10 Steps to a Content Life

No matter your age or experiences, an old dog can learn new tricks.

Old DogRecently a client in her 70’s completed the IBS Recovery Program with me with outstanding results. In just 5 sessions, she completely eliminated nausea and bloating and reduced her diarrhea from 7 days a week down to 2. The program is completed in 5 sessions to be intensive. The great news is that it shifts the IBS symptoms as quickly as possible, and then they continue to reduce and eliminate in the weeks and months afterwards as you enjoy life again.

Previously my elderly patients have found hypnotherapy difficult so I must be honest when I say that I had my doubts about this client when I learnt her age. I’m so pleased that she completely unraveled my doubt. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together and felt as though I learnt as much from her as she learnt from me. It got me thinking about her attributes and behaviours that allowed her to make such substantial changes at a ripe age. If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, here’s 8 valuable lessons I learnt from her:

  1. Have a flexible attitude
  2. Stop controlling
  3. Take life in your stride – the good, the bad and the intensely difficult
  4. Practice gentleness and kindness towards yourself and others
  5. Make a commitment and to the best of your ability and flexibility, stick to it. It’s OK to miss a day
  6. Keep it simple
  7. Don’t dwell. It keeps you stuck where you don’t want to be
  8. Keep up the activities that bring you joy
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